Past Webinars & Events

To further assist you in the certification process, we have provided links to previous webinars and trainings that supply information relevant to all aspects of our program. This includes webinars, power point presentations, and other resources from each of the prior events.

Leadership Training Workshops

2019  Community Energy Efficiency - Meeting the Climate Deadline. (presentations)

2018  Growing the Community Forest  (presentations)

2017  Building Resilient Communities - Making Local Government More Resilent  (presentations)

2016   Sustainability Metrics - Measuring What Matters  (presentations)

2015  Creative Financing for Sustainability Projects  (presentations)


Green Streets in Gaithersburg (PDF)

Maryland Green Schools (PDF)

How to Organize a Green Expo (PDF)

Growing Your Town's Tree Canopy (PDF)

Sustainable Purchasing Made Easy (PDF)

Developing a Community-Based Mosquito Control Program (PDF)

Backyard Composting (PDF)

How to Start a Community Garden (PDF)

Marketing and Outreach for Green Teams and Local Advocates (PDF)

Developing a Sustainable Maryland Action Plan (PDF)


Montgomery County Stormwater Summit -2019 (presentations)

Prince George's County Pet Waste Summit - 2019 (presentations), 2018 (presentations)

Frederick County Green Team Summit - 2015 (article)