Green Team Resources

We have compiled a variety of resources to help you with your green team and the certification process. On this page you will find:


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Quick Start Resources

Program Overview

Getting Your Green Team Started

  • Getting Started with Sustainable Maryland
  • Create a Green Team -- Read through this action under the Community Action category to understand what the purpose of the Green Team is, why it is important, and how to get it started.
  • Establishing Your Green Team -- Additional information on deciding whether to establish your Green Team by Resolution or Ordinance, the structure, and the members.
  • Growing Your Green Team: A Handbook for Sustainable Maryland Communities -- This in-depth handbook from Sustainable Maryland Certified (a program modeled after Sustainable Jersey) is an extensive resource for both starting your Green Team and making it more effective. This handbook should be the first resource for all Green Teams. While there are some differences between municipal structures and roles between the two states, the handbook is easily adaptable for New Jersey Green Teams.

Certification & Re-Certifcation

Sustainable Maryland Logos

  • Logos for Registered Communities
  •      Circle Logo (JPG)
  •      Banner Logo (JPG)
  • Logo for Certified Communities: Certified communities receive a customized certification logo that includes the town name. Contact to receive a copy of your municipality's custom logo.

Sample Resolutions and Ordinances