Bronze Certification Requirements

  • Establishment of mandatory green team and action plan
  • Implement 2 of 6 priority actions
  • Complete actions in 4 of 8 categories
  • Total of at least 150 points

Silver Certification Requirements

  • TBD


What Evidence is Needed for Certification?

All actions submitted by municipalities to earn points toward certification must be accompanied by documentary evidence and will be reviewed by SM staff and external subject matter experts. Only efforts that meet the standards described in the actions will be accepted and counted toward certification. Actions include ordinances, programs, policies and procedures, and facility improvements. Each action has detailed resources and step by step “how to” directions for completing the action. 


How Long is Certification Good For?

Once your municipality is certified, the certification is good for 3 program years, at which time a municipality will need to recertify. For example, if a municipality is certified on October 31, 2021, its certification will expire December 31, 2024. This means the municipality will need to apply for certification by the initial 2024 deadline to avoid a lapse. 

However, a municipality may recertify at any point prior to this third year to maintain momentum and increase its certification level. Municipalities can recertify at current or next certification level.

Note about actions: Individual approved actions in the application expire independently of the certification. Expired actions need to be updated to continue to earn points for them when recertifying. Municipalities can recertify at either bronze or silver level and do not need to advance to, or retain silver certification.


Additional Questions?

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.