Green Team

The Sustainable Maryland program includes more than 75 Green Teams across the state. Each Green Team represents a municipality in Maryland that is registered with Sustainable Maryland. Green Teams provide the leadership to develop plans, implement programs, and assist with educational opportunities that support the creation of a sustainable community.

All communities participating in the Sustainable Maryland program must establish a Green Team. The Mayor and City Council formally establish a Green Team and appoint members by resolution or ordinance. Green Teams differ from conservancy boards, environmental committees, and planning commissions because the focus is on completing actions required for Sustainable Maryland certification.

Green Team Members

Members of a Green Team are usually appointed from municipal staff and departments, elected officials, and volunteer members of community boards and commissions (Environmental Commission, Shade Tree, Economic Development, Health and Welfare Boards, Arts and Recreation, Planning and Zoning, Historic, Agricultural and Open Space, Senior Citizens). Communities also invite representatives from schools including educators, school board members, parent-teacher organizations, school staff, as well as students. Local businesses, chambers of commerce, academic institutions, civic organizations, faith-based groups, and community residents are also important partners in municipal sustainability efforts.

Join a Green Team

If you are interested in joining an existing Green Team, visit the participating communities page to see if your town is registered with Sustainable Maryland. Select your town’s profile and you will see the name, email and phone number of your town’s Sustainable Maryland contact.

Call the town contact and tell them you would like to get involved with the Green Team. If your town is not yet registered with Sustainable Maryland, check with the office of the mayor or town council to inquire about forming a Green Team and registering with the program. If you are having trouble connecting with your Green Team or need more information, contact us at 301-405-7956 or