Perryville Green Team 'doing something good'

Posted by Lisa Tome on Oct 10, 2018

Just over a year ago, the Town of Perryville's Green Team hit the ground running.

     "It's exciting. We're doing something good for the Town," said Perryville town administrator Denise Breder, who is part of the team. "We have 10-12 active people. It's great that we can engage people with something that they are passionate about - environmental issues. They (the team) has been consistent, thankfully."

     A Green Team works to bring the Sustainable Maryland designation to a city or town. To earn the designation, towns must complete actions worth 150 points to become certified.

     Debbie Myers, who is a member of the Green Team in Charlestown and helped start the team there because she is a town clerk, is doing double duty with Perryville's team because she lives in the town. She brings experience to the team.

     The first major task for team members was training which they completed in December. The next step was creating an action plan.

     The Action Plan categories that have to be addressed are Community Action, Community Based Food System, Energy, Greenhouse Gas, Health and Wellness, Local Economies, Natural Resources, and Planning and Land Use. Once requirements are fulfilled, the Town will be eligible for grants relating to sustainability. Perryville's action plan creation started in February and is now completed.

     Perryviile earned points for completing tasks that were in some cases, already in place. Perryville earns points toward the designation by having a farm market in the town and promoting it. The town also has solar lights in community areas which helped earn points with the energy requirement. The town has also established a business directory and will institute a green purchasing policy. Other initiatives have been completed or are underway.

     Instituting the Green Team is also expected to help Perryville with the State of Maryland mandates related to the MS4. An MS4 is stormwater management which is owned by the town which discharges into U.S. waterways. The state has developed comprehensive stormwater management and erosion and sediment control programs designed to reduce the adverse impacts on stormwater runoff.

     This program is designed to counteract both temporary and permanent impacts associated with development.

     On November 6, town officials will vote on whether they approve the action plan created by the Green Team.