Getting Started

You have nothing to lose by taking the first step toward certification. The online certification program allows you to pursue a balanced sustainability program one policy, program, or resource audit at a time. Your town can start slowly and see how each small step yields meaningful gains.


Customize the sample resolution for your town to use.

Review the list of on-line resources available to help Green Teams.

Don’t be left behind, with nearly 50 municipalities registered, it is time to find out about the program benefits.

Get the program guidelines and the latest updates.

Step 1: Pass a Resolution: Your municipality must pass a resolution that states its intent to pursue Sustainable Maryland certification and designates a person to be the formal liasion and contact with Sustainable Maryland. Use the Sample Resolution.

Step 2: Register: After the resolution is adopted, complete the online registration form and upload the adopted municipal resolution. Your registration will be reviewed and in a few days,your primary contact will receive an email with information about how to access your account on the Sustainable Maryland website. Register.

Step 3: Review and Select Actions: Log in to your account to review and select actions. Each action has a complete toolkit that includes guidance about who should be involved, costs, resources, what to do and submission requirements.

Step 4: Create a Green Team: The one mandatory action in Sustainable Maryland is to create a Green Team. Green Teams are instrumental in successful sustainability efforts. You can name your team whatever you want, but it has to be a commission/committee created by the governing body with the express purpose of coordinating your municipality’s sustainability efforts. Ideally the Green Team will have municipal officials and staff, as well as citizens representing all walks of life.

Step 5: Submit Application for Certification: Upload your documents associated with completed actions on the secure website to meet submission requirements. The text submissions and documentation you submit will be viewable by the public once your town gets certified. Upon submission of your application, you will be locked out of editing actions that you submitted for while staff review your application. After review, it will be approved or rejected, and we will contact you with further information.