Action Development

Meeting in BoonsboroSustainable Maryland Certification actions are based on best practices as identified by sector-specific task forces under the direction of an Executive Committee that provide guidance and structure to the program development process. These actions and associated resources were vetted through a Mayors' Advisory Council that considered the feasibility and usefulness of proposed certification actions, tools, and trainings, as well as help to identify resource gaps. 

To create the actions, sector-specific task forces formed and meet regularly to develop action items to be included in the program.  These groups are charged with tailoring certification criteria, tools, and trainings to meet the needs of Maryland communities. The Environmental Finance Center (EFC) facilitates the task force process, as well as the meetings of the Mayors' Advisory Council and Executive Committee.

The EFC shares suggestions and feedback with each task force and provides guidance for coordinating with other state sustainability efforts and addressing municipal scale and equitable access to resources. This review process between the task forces and supervising committees ensures certification actions are thoroughly designed and the most effective for implementation.  EFC staff are present at regular monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly meetings of each of these entities to facilitate the interactions between the Executive Committee, Mayor's Advisory Council, and task forces.