Executive Committee

To guide the efforts and build SMC, nine entities work together: the Executive Committee, the Mayors’ Advisory Council (MAC), and seven task forces. The Executive Committee and MAC provide support and review for task forces.

The Executive Committee provides guidance and structure to the program development process. It helps to address the overarching programmatic questions that are raised by the task forces in their meetings. One of the most important roles of the Executive Committee is to provide guidance for coordinating with other state sustainability efforts and for addressing issues of municipal scale and equitable access to resources. The Executive Committee is made up of 15 leaders consisting of members of the Mayors’ Council, Municipal League, state agencies, nonprofits, and the private sector

Executive Committee


Jacquelyn Seneschal

KCI Technologies, Inc.


Mayor J. Davis

City of Greenbelt


Bill Matuszeski
Chesapeake Bay Program

Gary Skulnik
Clean Currents

Gary Allen
Center for Chesapeake Communities


Maia Davis

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments


Carol Gilbert

Department of Housing & Community Development


Mayor Malinda Miles
City of Mount Rainier


Joe Tassone
Maryland Department of Planning


Jana Davis

Chesapeake Bay Trust


Scott Hancock
Maryland Municipal League


Dru Schmidt-Perkins
1000 Friends of Maryland


Sandi Olek
Maryland Department of Natural Resources